Sunday, 3 May 2020

dance legend high voltage (new prism)

i love love love linear holos. for ages, the first association to linear holos was the epic (and epically old, if we are talking about the far superior original) china glaze omg collection. in more recent times, the best ones, such as high voltage, tend to come from dance legend's new prism collection.

high voltage is an awesome, light blue linear holo. i am a big fan of the holo finish, no matter if it's scattered, linear or just as a glitter, but nice, linear blues are so special to me.

the formula is nice, it applies without problems over a regular base. it is really, really gorgeous!

natural light:

it is even gorgeous in shade:

i used base (china glaze strong adhesion) + two layers of polish + top coat (essence btgnts)