Thursday, 30 August 2018

chanel malice (holiday)

malice was the only polish in chanel's holiday collection for 2012.

i was so lucky to get this polish. at the time, i literally got the last bottle in serbia, thanks to the group effort of my dear nail polish girls crew.

it truly is a perfect polish for holidays. a deep burgundy red, filled with ruby red shimmer, it even melts the hearts of red antifans like myself. it looks rich, with a great formula, and i'm really happy i have it in my stash.

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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

essie sexy divide (winter 2008)

sexy divide is a really old essie polish, back from the winter collection of 2008.

this polish and me have a complicated relationship. i got it as a present when i was buying polishes on one blog sale. initially i thought it's great i got it, because what can be better than a shimmery, purple gorgeousness.

but, it has a runny, difficult formula, combined with the old thin brush. it is almost a torture applying it. for some reason i think that the new formula with the wide brush is much better, but i have no evidence. nevertheless, i still wear it from time to time because it is pretty.

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Saturday, 18 August 2018

picture polish salt water (collaboration shade)

salt water, a collaboration shade of picture polish with nailstorming, is today's star.

the promo pictures of this polish don't do it justice. i believe that turquoise/light blue/mint shades are really something that picture polish people know how to make and i am always looking forward to a new one, and salt water is no exception.

it's a lovely shade of turquoise, filled with those holo particles that almost look like flakies. i am obsessed with those, and i think that they are complementing the turquoise shade beautifully. i highly recommend this one!

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Sunday, 12 August 2018

essence troy (nail art twins)

one of my favourites in the long line of essence toppers is troy, from the nail art twins collection.

troy is one of my favorite glitter toppers. the clear base is packed with purple, blue and occasional yellow glitter. i always wore it over purplish cremes, but i'll have to play with it more.

Friday, 10 August 2018

a england puck a fairy (shakespeare's fairies)

ok, i will try not to hyperventilate too much in describing puck a fairy from a england's shakespeare's fairies collection from this year.

wow, this polish is stunning. in a england, they describe puck as a "fairy clever and mischievous; the jester of fairyland", of vivid peacock blue green colour, and with holo finish with additional iridescent glimmer.

it is awesome, and so much more vivid and gorgeous in real life. camera makes it a tad more blue, and while there is more green than the pictures show, blue is still the dominant colour.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

china glaze glistening snow (holiday joy)

holiday joy was a really awesome china glaze collection from back in 2012, and  i'm showing glistening snow.

i think that china glaze people invented textured polishes before they were a thing, but probably weren't aware of it.

glistening snow has this gritty texture, because it is made of silver and holo glitter. holo effect is, unfortunately, really drowned in my pictures and is much prettier in real life.

formula is decent, i got nice coverage with two layers and it turned out i didn't need aluminum foil to remove it.

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Saturday, 4 August 2018

essie jamaica me crazy (dive bar)

i bought essie jamaica me crazy from the awesome dive bar collection back in 2011, because we had a "favourite nail polish name" theme when we were doing "theme friday" challenge. this is my all time favourite name. then i realized that this dive bar collection is, for me, the best essie ever had. i mean, dive bar, sexy divide and trophy wife, it can't get better than that.

jamaica me crazy is not my typical color, but i have no magentas in my collection so i decided to give it a try. it turned out to be quite good. even though it is magenta, it has a purple undertone that makes it more my type, and gorgeous subtle purple shimmer.  

this is my first wide brush essie, and i'm happy with it. also, the formula was great, no bold spots, good coverage.

it's a difficult one to capture. direct sunlight washes it out, so the shade images are much more faithful.

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Friday, 3 August 2018

franken polish: pattern by shine eye

i felt like showing off another one of my franken polishes, and this one is named pattern (you can hear the song that inspired it, from the last shadow puppets album "everything you've come to expect").

pattern actually shows that the majority of the polishes i used up are all sorts of greens and blues. it is a teal-leaning green, with some flaky type of silver shimmer.

if i saw this polish in a store, i would definitely get it. it really is my type of shade. i named it after of of my favourite songs from the last shadow puppets' last album.

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