Wednesday, 29 January 2020

cirque colors hygge (holiday 2017)

cirque colors have some very unique polishes. as a huge fan of iridescent look, i have no idea why i waited so long to get hygge off their holiday 2017 collection.

cirque people describe hygge as "a sheer blue with copper pearlescent sheen". the word "hygge" means cosy in danish, and the name suits the shade so well! the holo sparkles are not overwhelming and the iridescent part is more prominent.

i love it, it is such a cold but delicate shade. it is a bit sheen, but i liked how it looked with two coats and left it at that.

Thursday, 23 January 2020

opi play 'til midnight (holiday in toyland)

wow, this is an oldie! polish of the day is play 'til midnight, from opi's 2008 holiday in toyland collection.

play 'till midnight is one of those classic shades: an amazing, rich navy blue with perfect amount of shimmer. sure, i may have on or two (hm..) similar polishes in my stash, but this is a colour i find myself wearing more and more.

even though it's more than decade old, formula is still impeccable. 

natural light: 

Monday, 20 January 2020

ysl bronze fever (night 54)

it's been a while since i've shown studio silver, so it's time for the second polish from yls's night 54 collection, bronze fever.

like with studio silver, bronze fever is also inspired by glitz and glam (and glitter!) of studio 54. as the name says, it is a deep, rich bronze shade with silver and copper glitter. even though we are talking about chunky glitter here, it can be worn solo, without a base colour. 

it is borderline textured, and really hard to capture as it is really blingy! it's definitely not your everyday shade.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

china glaze running in circles (cirque du soleil worlds away)

one the last china glaze's collection i was obsessed with was 2012 cirque du soleil worlds away that, luckily, came to serbia.  i got my hands on whirled away, it's a trap-eze!, running in circles, hanging in the balance and water you waiting for.

i said it already, i love my greens, but this one is soooo special! the base colour is emerald green, packed with lighter green flashing gold glass flecks. the formula is really amazing, it applied beautifully and everything is surprisingly opaque after two layers. the finish is pretty shiny even without topcoat (of coarse, i had to add it since i like to be fully functional with my hands immediately after applying the polish).

i love how sparkly this looks, too bad it's cloudy these days, but i hope i managed to show it's gorgeousness!

natural light: 

Friday, 10 January 2020

picture polish meow (collaboration shade)

for my first post of the year, i chose another picture polish collaboration shade. this time it is meow, from back in 2016.

meow was created with ukranian bloger nata113nata. they describe it as  "sage green jelly scatter holo". i can't say that i completely agree, as for me, sage is predominantly muted green, while meow has a lot of blue undertones. it is such a unique shade, and for me, a lover of all things green and blue and in between, it is perfect.

it is also packed with picture polish signature holographic flakes and amazing formula.