Thursday, 27 September 2018

butter london all hail the queen (fall 2010)

this polish first appeared as a part of butter london's fall 2010 collection, where it was called all hail mcqueen, but change the name to just all hail the queen later on. the other three polishes were bumster, marrow and victoriana.

this was the first BL polish i picked up from the shelf, and immediately fell in love with it. this is how the color really has a nice beige, sandy tone and it is packed with fine scattered holographic glitter. formula is great, nothing to complain here.

natural light:

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

essence night in vegas (special effect topper)

my favourite topper ever came from essence back in 2012, and it's called night in vegas. it came as 8th polish of their special effect topper range.

i love, love, love flakies, and this polish goes so well over everything, as you will see as i slowly update this post. multichrome flakies, shifting from yellow through orange to green, are perfectly dispersed in a clear base. i used up one bottle and this is one is the second one. 

Thursday, 20 September 2018

kiko lattementa (core 389)

today i am showing my only kiko polish, lattementa (also known as mint milk) from their core collection.

lattementa is my go to polish these last few summers. i think i never gor as many compliments for a polish as for this one.

and it doesn't take much wondering why. it is simply a stunning mint polish, bright and captivating. formula is a bit thick, but self leveling. even if it wasn't good, it would be worth it. since i love it so much, i am going to overdo it with photos, so bear with me.

natural light:

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

opi you only live twice (skyfall)

it's time to present another opi from the skyfall collection, this time it's you only live twice. opi's description: "this rich high-shimmer magenta is a once-in-a-lifetime find."

i'm not quite sure that magenta is the accurate color to describe this polish with.  to me, it's more of a raspberry red  base with hint of magenta\pink with pink and gold glass flecks. the base is a creme-jelly combo, so even though it seems sheer after one coat, it gets full opacity with second. the formula is standardly good. 

i am not the biggest red fan in the world, but throw some glass flecks in and i am sold! they really made this polish special.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

ysl vandal orange(the street and i)

fitting to this heat wave, i am showing ysl vandal orange from the last spring's the street and i collection: "inspired by the graffiti art that colors the cities of the world, yves saint laurent introduces the limited edition “the street and i” spring collection.  the contrasting colors of the city come to life as a limited edition accessory: an orange inspired by street art; and an urbane take on asphalt grey, a shade that’s all around us but rarely as beautifully expressed as this. perfectly representing the tensions of the street, pair them, one shade on both fingers and toes, or mix and match: you’re the artist here."

my obsession with ysl is well known, so where a normal person would ask a question: "do i really need another orange creme?", for me it was a matter of "snatch it while it's still available. and orange is such a versatile shade for people that wear monochromatic clothes. 

vandal orange is awesome: combination of a clear orange and a perfect formula. definitely hot weather must-have.