Tuesday, 31 December 2019

new in and empties: 2019

overall, 2019 was a reasonable year, with 15 new polishes (8 picture polish + 3 ysl + 1 ilnp+ 1 cirque, and two gifts (kiko and essence), and 7 empty bottles!

Saturday, 28 December 2019

ilnp christmas cookie (the snowed in)

when i saw christmas cookie, from ilnp the snowed in collection for 2019, i knew i had to have it!

christmas cookie is described with a lot of detail by ilnp people themselves: "christmas cookie is a deliciously fresh white-based speckled nail polish. simple and sweet, christmas cookie brings together the harmonious holiday hues of red and green in a metallic flake finish. formulated for depth and full visibility, christmas cookie’s striking metallic flakes standout undeniably for a mouthwatering sprinkled effect!"

it is a supercute polish, the red and green microglitter really gives it a festive look, but i am sure it can be worn all year. it took two coats for the full coverage, and i removed it easily, no need for special tricks. 

strangely, this is my first ilnp polish, but i am sure this will change!

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

opi alcatraz...rocks (san francisco)

opi's alcatraz...rocks from their san francisco collection back in 2012, almost immediately got a cult status.

textured polishes were all the craze in that period, and i am still sooooo into that trend. but, alcatraz is something special in opi's liquid sand family. it is a purple-ish base packed with all sorts of sparkling glitters, such as gold, bronze, green, blue, pink, you name it. 

it is such a fast drier, and it looks perfectly gritty on nails. it looks ridiculously pretty, it is such a joy to have it on!

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

a england oberon fairy king (shakespeare's fairies)

after moth the fairy and puck a fairy, the time has come for another beauty from a england's shakespeare's fairies collection to shine.

how to describe this gorgeous, complex polish? let's see a england's attempt: "king of the fairies; powerful and strong willed, hologram with additional iridescent glimmer. colour: complex dark smoky green."

well, they for sure are onto something here, but i don't think i would describe the colour like this... it looks darker in the bottle, like asphalt grey, but on nails, it is more of a grey icy blue, with green, blue, silver and gold holo sparkles. it is insanely pretty!

the coverage is awesome, they really make perfect holos, smooth and rich.