Wednesday, 20 January 2021

picture polish gravity (limited edition)

after altered state and ilusionist, i't's time for the third  polish from the picture polish limited edition shades, gravity.

here, i am wearing one coat over  essie midnight cami.  every time i'm wearing one of these polishes, i think it's my favourite one from the bunch because, let's face it, they are all magical. gravity's multichrome effect ranges from blue over purple to pink, with rare glimpses of copper. unfortunately, my pictures show mostly the blue part. add to this the holographic glitter, and you get perfection!

it is pretty in direct sun but it is even better in shade, as the multichrome effect gets in the full swing.

natural light:

Monday, 18 January 2021

chanel quartz (illusions d'ombres)

 today i am showing the first chanel polish i bought, quartz from the fall 2011 collection illusions d'ombres.

i often wonder how it got to be that this is my first chanel, especially when you take into account that quartz came out with peridot and graphite. 

colour is complex, somewhere between beige and taupe, but really rich in multicolored shimmer. formula is decent. it is the most wearable from fall 2011 trio and a nice shade. it is a bit streaky, but it is not too visible.

natural light:

Thursday, 14 January 2021

opi (gwen stefani)

today i am showing (lamb) from opi's gwen stefani collection for 2014. i already showed 4 in the morning from the same collection.

i have to admit, lamb totally surprised me. the shade is a pale, muted gold, with a satin finish. it is shimmering gorgeously, and it is not at all kitschy or over the top. 

formula is also awesome, self leveling and, since it is supposed to be worn without a top coat, it is drying quickly.

natural light:

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

a england crown of thistles (elizabeth & mary)

 it's time for another a england beauty, and this time i chose crown of thistles from elisabeth & mary collection (i have already swatched gloriana and virgin queen from the same collection).

i just can't stop gushing over a england polishes, because they are always so perfect. crown of thistles is such a pretty bright purple, with a quite subtle but still very vivid holo effect.

as usual, the formula is flawless and definitely a recommendation from me.

natural light:

Saturday, 9 January 2021

china glaze stella (retro diva)

stella is from one of the most classic china glaze collections, retro diva, that was packed with a lot of awesome polishes. i already posted about the stone cold classic, let's groove.

stella is a really stunning polish. a beautiful, magenta-toned deep purple with deep, almost metallic looking shimmer.

formula is also really nice, truly a classic purple shimmer and if you don't have one of those, i definitely recommend it.

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Wednesday, 30 December 2020

new in and empties: 2020

well, if you needed any more proof of how weird this year was, here's a mindblowing info for you: in this year, i bought only two polishes. TWO. 2. can you believe that. and i finished up 7. who am i? 

Sunday, 27 December 2020

picture polish karma (collaboration shade)

i am a huge fan of picture polish collaboration line, and karma was made with probably the most famous nail polish blogger, sveta sanders, back in 2015. 

karma is described as "a dark purple holographic nail polish with holo flakes". it is a perfect eggplant-purple type of shade, vampy and moody. it dries smoothly, and the scattered holo effect gives it even more depth.

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

chanel eastern light (reflets d'eté de chanel)

eastern light was at first featured as a part of a limited chanel hong kong collection for winter 2013, with western light, that was almost impossible to find. luckily, it resurfaced in 2014 summer collection,  reflets d'eté de chanel, and it is my only purchase.

i seriously got into whites lately. there is something about a white polish, of course, if it's well executed, that gives king of a clean look. so, no wonder eastern light really caught my eye. formula isn't the smoothest, but is quite self leveling. when you get past the streaky first coat, the second one evens things out, and with addition of a top coat, you should end up being streak-free.

the shade is the purest white you can imagine, and it manages steering away from the kind of a plastic look. i'm really enjoying wearing it.

natural light:

Thursday, 17 December 2020

opi leonardo's model color (muse of milan)

it has been a long time since i bought a new polish, and opi's muse of milan collection looked really interesting to me so i ended up with two. the first one i am showing is leonardo's model color.

opi's description: "sraped in the glow of shimmering light, this purple long-lasting nail polish is an inspiration for any master artist." 

there is something space-y about this polish. the base colour is a sheer dark blurple, filled with copper and purple shimmer that looks simply magical. beacause of the sheernes, it looks best with three coats, and i have to say that it looks much better in real life, i absolutely adore it!

natural light:

Saturday, 12 December 2020

ysl taupe graine (fall 2014)

today i am showing the first one from the  ysl fall 2014 collection duo, taupe graine.

taupe graine is a darker shade of brown, but it never looks black. textured effect is just beautiful (if you are a fan to begin with, and i certainly am).  it dries really quickly and looks a bit edgy but too not extravagant. 

i love taupe graine, probably because it really has this leathery look. it is a one coater, and dries very quickly.

natural light: