Monday 10 June 2024

opi ink (night brights)

opi ink is from the legendary 2007 collection, night brights, that gave us my private jet, and a later suede version.

this polish was kind of iconic when it first appeared, and it feel so strange that this was 17 years ago! damn, the time did pass quickly. it is a blurple shade, dark but fun. the shimmer is subtle but not drowned.

even though it's ridiculously old, the formula is still great!

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Friday 7 June 2024

picture polish alive (collaboration)

(a)live is a part of picture polish collaboration shades collection back in 2015.

(a)live is a very unique and interested shade, a combo of a dirty pink/muted fuchsia, with magenta hexagonal glitter and holo shimmer. it was created by french blogger, sois polish, and the inspiration was the pearl jam song.

i like that it's not a strong pink, but a nice shade suitable for every season. it has a solid coverage and application.

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Wednesday 5 June 2024

dior gris montaigne (gris city)

gris montaigne is a really gorgeous grey from dior's old 2011 collection, gris city.

gris montaigne is so so gorgeous. whenever i took pictures of it, it turned out to look darker than it really is, but again, it does dry darker than what it looks like in the bottle. also, it is one of the truest grey shades i have, with almost no blue undertone, but i gave up on trying to get it right.

the colour is very saturated, and even though it's old, formula is dreamy.

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Friday 24 May 2024

a england percival (the mythicals)

percival follows the long list of a england the mythicals gems, such as  avalon lady of the lakeexcalibur revamped and tristam.

percival, "splendid & resplendent red",  is a real close dupe to butter london knees up. nevertheless, a beyond gorgeous shimmery metallic red, with this glow within type of look.

i have more photos than usual, because these polishes look better in the  shade than in the sun. combined with an awesome formula and brush, it's a winner!


Wednesday 22 May 2024

opi nein nein nein ok fine (germany)

nein! nein! nein! ok fine! is a problematically named polish from opi's 2012 autumn collection, germany. i previously showed every month is oktoberfest.

name aside, nein nein nein is is a gorgeous, full grey. it is dark and deep, but not veering into the almost-black teritory. it might have a hint of olive green undertones.

it is very creamy and rich. formula is still top notch, it is really a great shade.

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Wednesday 8 May 2024

picture polish honey dew (unknown)

spring is here, and it's time for fresh shades. honey dew is a really old picture polish shade from 2009.

i am very happy i own honey dew, even though i am on the verge of having too many mint polishes (if that is even possible!)  itis such a vibrant pastel mint, on the verge of becoming neon. it is hard to photograph correctly, as it has all the qualities of impossible to capture shades: mint and pastel.

on top of being gorgeous, it has a great formula, especially for a pastel polish. definitely a perfect spring/summer shade!

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Monday 29 April 2024

ysl rose renaissance (core)

rose renaissance is yet another polish from ysl rebranding wave back in 2009.

rose renaissance is a type of polish that i would never pay attention to, but i was so obsessed with the ysl brush, that is still pretty much my perfect brush, that i went even for the girlie shades. and this one is a pretty, slightly muted pink, a so deliciously glossy that it looks like a jelly.

the formula is, of course, impecable, and it build up nicely after two coats.

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Wednesday 24 April 2024

catrice cloud nine (pastel please)

my nail polish-buying has reached the  bare minimum in the last couple of years, as i do believe that i have more or less every shade under the sun, but sometimes i like to indulge and buy a polish i know i would wear a lot. catrice's pastel please collection immediately caught my eye, and i decided to start with cloud nine.

i think it's obvious why this polish had to be mine. it is a gorgeous periwinkle-type of blue shade, saturated with this sugar-like shimmer, the signature of this collection. it is essentially a pastel shade, meaning, the colour really changes whether you wear it on a sunny or a rainy day, and i did both. 

the formula is solid, builds up nicely and it definitely convinced me to get at least one more. 

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Monday 22 April 2024

opi cuckoo for this color (swiss)

opi's swiss collection from autumn 2010 was brilliant. after ski teal we drop and yodel me on my cell, it's time for one of my favourite polishes ever, cuckoo for this coulor.

and cuckoo for it i surely am! it is a deep green, with some blue undertones and gorgeous blue shimmer. it is such a deep shade with a certain glow to it.

the formula looks like it would be runny and on a thin side, but it's not, it builds up beautifuly.

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Friday 19 April 2024

picture polish darcy (opulence)

today i'm showing the gorgeous darcy from picture polish opulence collection.

i was a kid when the bbc's pride and prejudice 1995. version appeared, but i was completely in love with it. even suggesting that there can be another elizabeth bennet and fitzwilliam darcy other than jennifer ehle and colin firth seems like blasphemy. i even rewatched it last weekend! so, when i saw  that picture polish launched a trio combining the classical (with lizzie) and modern (with bridget) darcy, i knew i have to get it.

yes, black scattered polish isn't the most unique thing in the world (i showed a england's bridal veil just a couple of posts ago), but since these polishes are one of my go-tos for clubbing, i knew it is a good investment. oh, and did i mention it is called darcy?! it is completely black, amazingly pigmented with excellent application.

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