Monday, 24 June 2019

essie go overboard (core)

i can't believe it's been 7 years since essie's go overboard was released. it wasn't a part of any specific collection, but was immediately added to the core, and it's obvious why.

go overboard is an awesome creamy teal. it's tagline was "limitless sea blue". the teal shade leans more towards deep blue than green, but the green is obvious as well. 

i have a feeling that it darkened as it aged, but can't prove it. nevertheless, formula is smooth and awesome and i wore this polish a lot.

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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

dior spring ball (sparkling shine)

i  love dior's sparkling shine collection, and, together with today's star spring ball, i own diablotine and delice as well, missing out only on princess.

i was a bit skeptical if this polish really is my cup of tea, but the shade was the same as my girliest flowery summer trousers i own, and thought they would be a good match. i have to say it was a good choice.

i really don't feel comfortable wearing those colours both on nails or having them in my closet, it's way out my comfort zone, but dior did something to me with those sugary shades that made me so enchanted by them.  spring ball is somewhere between coral and peach shimmery cuteness. it is subtler than i expected, so i didn't feel that weird having it on my nails.

formula ad application were pretty good, it is on the thicker side  but the shimmer really makes it flow. the pictures were made in shade, because i found the color to be more faithful this way. 

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

dance legend sirin (anna gorelova winter collection)

anna gorelova winter collection for dance legend is a complete dream. i took the first picture from her blog, and you see that you also get a cute ring with the polish. if you ask me, sirin, the bottom right, is a standout!

this polish is gorgeous, just gorgeous! amazing duochrome, mostly turquoise but leaning to other shades of blue. there is also some tiny holographic glitter, in just the right amount, not to overwhelm the polish.

formula is also nice, and, overall, a beautiful, magical shade that i'm in love with. and i wear the ring really often!

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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

chanel rose confidentiel (fall 2010)

at the first look, rose confidentiel is a not my typical colour. i've been looking for something similar for a while, with china glaze's fifth avenue as my first pick, but it was always out of stock when i looked for it. it is an ancient chanel polish from fall 2010 collection.

ages ago, when i fell in love with rose confidentiel and mentioned that it was on my wishlist on one serbian forum for polish addicts, one wonderful girl told me she has a bottle she never uses, and she gave it to me! many thanks, once again!

it was a part of chanel's autumn collection in 2010, together with rose cache and rouge fatal. it is amazing nude rose-beige pink creme with some brown undertones, or, as i like to call it, dusty pink. unfortunately, i am under impression that it changed a bit over the years, with the pink part diminishing on behalf of the brown tones.

formula also suffered and became slightly watery. nevertheless, i still love it!

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Friday, 17 May 2019

ysl rose luminescent (shimmer rush)

after blanc figuratif, i am showing the second polish from ysl spring 2019 collection shimmer rush called rose luminescent.

first, a disclaimer: i was totally unaware that rose luminescent is supposed to be worn as a topper. oops. i mean, it makes sense, it is a jelly-like, sheer pink base with iridescent, gold-ish glass flecks. 

i didn't let the potential sheerness to sway me away from wearing it solo, so that is what i did. i will definitely wear it as a topper at some point, but i think it works this way as well.
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Tuesday, 14 May 2019

cirque colors lucid dreams (the dreamscape)

i only made a couple of purchases this year, but when i saw lucid dream from cirque color the dreamscape collection, i knew it had to be mine.

i love polishes with iridescent shimmer. add to it a ocean blue type of shade, and i am sold (or, the polish is sold to me). 

this entire collection is a dream, and i might pick up one or two more. they are all of a similar, if not the same, type, to quote cirque people: "shimmer polishes are packed with glimmering pigments which give them a unique multidimensional finish", and they really look spectacular. 

lucid dream itself is described as "vivid green-blue nail polish with deep violet shimmer and delicate holographic sparkle". it is a chameleon, which is why i apologize for the number of photos.

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Thursday, 9 May 2019

china glaze grape pop (up and away)

it's time for an oldie today, and it is china glaze grape pop, from their up & away collection from spring 2010.

as i look at the polishes from this collection, i see that it was a really successful one, with so many of them making it into the core line, such a classic spring line.

grape pop is a real beauty. i love purple cremes, and this one is among the prettiest there are. it has a slight blue undertone, but never going into the blurple area. it is really tricky to capture it faithfully, it got too blurplish in my photos. it is well pigmented, and my only complaint is, as usual, china glaze's brush, but it's just my taste.

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Tuesday, 9 April 2019

a england jane seymour (tudoresque)

jane seymour is an absolutely gorgeous polish from a england's tudoresque collection in 2017.

in a england, they describe it as a "dark olive green scatter holo revealing at times an inner vibrant green fire and subtle grey hue complemented with golden shimmer", which is absolutely correct.

i have a soft spot for green holos, and jane is like a mossy sister to dragon. as usual, the formula is amazing and practically flows. five stars from me.

Sunday, 7 April 2019

opi on her majesty's secret service (skyfall)

when it comes to opi on her majesty secret service from the skyfall collection, i recommend clicking on photos and thus enlarging them, in order to see it's extraordinary beauty!

opi says that "this misty-green pewter commands attention." i see it as the world is not enough's bluish brother, and similarly difficult to describe. it is a cool toned steel blue-pewter-silver-grey polish with multicolored glass flecks, namely gold, pink, green, and blue. 

it is rather sheer and needs three coats, again as its taupe brother :D, but the opacity and color build up nicely.

natural light:

Friday, 22 March 2019

picture polish london (collaboration shade)

london is a picture polish collaboration shade addition from winter 2018, and a gorgeous one!

london was made together with marinelovespolish and it is clearly inspired by london's skyline. it is a perfect shade somewhere between blue and grey with tiny holographic flakies. it is insanely gorgeous!

the formula is great and smooth and the polish is overall amazing!

Monday, 11 March 2019

dior or tsarine (czarina gold) (holiday 2010)

today i'm showing my first high end polish ever, dior's or tsarine (also known as czarina gold). it was a part of the holiday 2010 collection, together with timeless gold and rouge garconne.

as i said, it was my first he polish so it's funny i waited so long to show it. i found some old swatches, they were really horrible :)  even though it was from the end of 2010, i bought it in june 2012. i was circling around it for so long, a bit scared of what would happen when i cross to the dark side. one failed driving test later, in a need of a pick-me-up, i stopped resisting!

in the hindsight, i am happy i stared with this one, because it really is my type of polish. a dark brown, rich base with large, almost glass flaky golden shimmer and good formula..

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Friday, 8 March 2019

zoya lotus (true spring)

lotus is from zoya's true spring 2012 collection.

zoya describes it as: "a very soft, dusty blue-toned amethyst purple with colorful shimmer that reflects pink, red and gold. a dreamy smoky shade for purple lovers that looks both soft and luminous"  and they are dead on with the description. the color really is a dusty, muted purple packed with pinkish shimmer. 

formula is amazing and it is fully opaque after two coats. the shimmer is quite visible on the nails, which surprised me, because i expected it o be more subtle. i think that this is one of those shades that look good on every skintone.

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Monday, 4 March 2019

dance legend grey brittain (smoky)

today i'm showing grey brittain, from dance legend smoky collection back in 2014.

i took advantage of a llarowe sale to get grey brittain, but got so in love that i already put two more on the list. the name of collection is smoky, and it sure is! grey brittain is an interesting shade of grey, and bottom pictures are more accurate. the tiny black glitter, in lack of a better word, is running through it, creating the said smoky effect.

formula is a bit runny, so i had to go with three coats.

direct sunlight:

Friday, 1 March 2019

ysl blanc figuratif (shimmer rush)

when it comes to "no buy" policies, in my world, they never apply to ysl, and i still try to snatch absolutely everyone that comes out. today i am showing the gorgeous blanc figuratif, from their 2019 spring collection, shimmer rush.

blanc figuratif is gorgeous, frosty, shimmery white. the shimmer is fine, going from silver and white to bronze, giving it a metallic, chrome-like look. 

it is a chameleon as well, as it looks differently in different lights. i wore it on an overcast day, so it looks almost like it's infused with gold.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

a england excalibur revamped (the mythicals)

today, i am showing the swatches of the gorgeous excalibur (the new version) from the a england's the mythicals collection.

i love wearing polishes with foil finish in the winter and autumn. i can see the reason behind the name from the official description: "a steely grey hue filled with multi-dimensional shimmer, creating a unique fusion of silver and gold - a shade to match a hero's blade".

the colour is so hard to describe,  because it's both silver and gold, with grainy, irregular golden flakes. it has that old gold covered with patina feel. it's gorgeous, rich, with no brushstrokes and excellent opacity.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

opi first class desires (gwen stefani holiday 2014)

first class desires is my only pick from opi's gwen stefani holiday collection for 2014.

the base color is really complex, a brown-leaning eggplant purple, filled with goldish/bronze shimmer that really comes alive in the sun.

application and formula are great, and this is one of the polishes that looks much better in real life than in pictures. it seems to be winter's it color, since zoya's sansa is a pretty close dupe.

natural light:

Monday, 11 February 2019

illamasqua facet (sacred hour)

i don't have a lot of illamasqua's, but the ones i have are amazing. and facet, from the sacred hour collection for autumn 2013,  may be my star.

facet is a perfect taupe, leaning more towards brown in sunlight and grey in the shade. it's real beauty lies in the amazing maching with the dense coppery and golden fleckish type of shimmer. i would say its really unique.

one down side, although the formula and application are good, is the opacity. it is on the sheer side, and it takes either two really thick or three thin coats for perfect coverage.

natural light:

Thursday, 7 February 2019

china glaze i'm not lion (on safari)

i jokingly call i'm not lion, from china glaze's on safari collection back in 2012, my favourite polish when i am not sure if i want gold or silver bling.

the base is clear, and it is filled with antique gold and silver glitter, giving it a somewhat champagne look. it might be that it looks different in different environments. because it is a true glitter, it dries to a texture, but it is not gritty because the glitter particles are not chunky enough. 

i prefer it on an overcast day to a full-blown sun, because it truly stands out in that environment. i love my textured polishes, so i never put top coat on them. 

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

dance legend bag of bones (koschei bessmertni) (anna gorelova)

today's gorgeousness is bag of bones aka koschei bessmertni from the anna gorelova 2014 collection for dance legend.

i think that, at this point, every nail polish aficionado has heard of the russian blogger anna gorelova. her swatches are beyond gorgeous, so it's not a surprise that the amazing russian brand made (now at least six) collaboration collections with her. koschei bessmertni appeared in the first one, inspired by russian fairy tales.

brace yourself, there will be a lot of pictures because this polish is incredibly beautiful. being olive kind of green in the neutral state, the colour shifts to darker and lighter green shades, but also gold and copper. add some scattered holo particles to the mix, and here comes perfection.

natural light:

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

picture polish cozy (collaboration shade)

picture polish collaboration line is very versatile, you can find your regular colours (with a twist) or something that might not be everyone's cup of tea. cozy, created with borsch nails in 2017, is one of those shades.

cozy is a very unusual coulour, mustardy-yellowish green with holo flakes. definitely a shade that i am into. it is also a bit of a chameleon, it looks different every time!

Friday, 18 January 2019

a england rose bower (burnes-jones dream)

today i am showing yet another a england polish, rose bower from burnes jones dream collection. this is how they advertise it: "a true deep rose hue kissed with subtle holographic overtones, a scarlet riot of blooming life to keep the princess company"

i already showed one polish from this collection, briar rose, and they have a similar pattern: a gorgeous, deep colour (in the case of rose bower, a cranberry red with some hints of fuchsia) with the scattered holo effect that gives the "inner glow effect", that a england produces beautifully.

formula is amazing as usual, and the polish itself is so pretty that i was shocked that i can enjoy a red one so much! it also looks nice in shade.

natural light:

Thursday, 17 January 2019

dance legend melange 278

this week i continue with another green polish, 278 from dance legend's melange collection.

i was in a search for a perfect creme olive shade, and since i am a fan of dance legend formula and brush, decided to choose number 278 from their melange collection.

it is a rich, olive/camouflage green, a shade that i have a lot of in my wardrobe and love to have on my nails. the formula is buttery, and it's definitely a huge recommendation from me.

natural light:

Saturday, 12 January 2019

zoya jem (mirrors)

one of the zoya beauties is the gorgeous jem from the mirrors collection for 2011.

as i wrote a lot of times, zoya guys really describe their shades perfectly: "dark red-toned purple base with metallic dark pink highlights and subtle gold duochrome flecks".

bottom line, gorgeous. a bit vampy, a bit mysterious. perfect for sunny autumn or winter days, because it is just a bit too heavy for summer, but needs sun to show it's full beauty.

natural light: