Monday, 5 February 2018

ysl studio silver (fall look)

with the name "studio silver" and number 54, it is clear that studio 54 was an inspiration for ysl's night 54 collection for autumn 2017. their explanation:"inspired by studio 54, the epicenter of disco in the 1970s, the limited edition fall look collection sparkles with color and pays tribute to the greatest dance club of all time."

and given the sparkling, disco-ball nature of studio silver, it is clear why it is in this collection. it is glittery magic, that looks awesome and fun on its own and over a base color. i layered it over opi check out the old geysirs and on another occasion wore it "naked" and loved it even more. yes, my nails look super yellow in the photos for some reason, but it looked awesome in real life.

formula is gritty, it dries like a texture polish, and i liked it this way so i didn't play with top coats (yet).