Friday, 22 December 2017

opi russian navy matte (suede)

opi came up with their matte collection in 2009, when they took some of their popular polishes and made matte version. in the end, since the original and the mattified one had little in common, it created a bit of confusion, but it didn't stop me from owning a couple. i am shoving russian navy matte today.

russian navy matte is your simple navy blue matte polish. no shimmer, no nothing. it might seem flat and boring, but it's a good one to have in collection as it truly is one coater, has minimal striking problems, and the formula is still great even though we are approaching year 10. i usually wear it simple and bear for a day, and add a topper the next.

natural light:

i used base (china glaze start to finish) + one  layers of polish