Tuesday, 12 December 2017

new in: 2013

2013 was definitely my heavy purchase year, with 146 polishes in total. insane, i know!


ok, it's safe to say i overdid it again! there were a lot of blog sales and girls getting rid of their unwanted polishes, so it's not so bad as it looks (at least finantially)!

the catch of the month is most def waterlilly, that i was sure i'll never find. 

also, there were some birthday presents, such as opi's set pink of hearts (from my bf, post coming soon), butter london from my dearest j and alessandro's crystal punk set, that i got from my dear m. as a pre-birthday gift!

tnx to marry j for getting china glaze holiday glow for me!

1-6:  essence: holo topping, please!, cool breeze,  break through, prom-berry, julia, mr big
 7&8 alessandro go magic! crystal punk toxic turquoise

9-13dior waterlilly gris trianon-chanel  vertigo- butter london knees up- a england ophelia
14-20 china glaze angel wings, winter holly, glistening snow, blue bells ring, cranberry splash, grape pop,  four leaf clover,

21- 25 opi, top: suzi says da!, green-wich village, california raspberry,  no spain no gain, nein! nein! nein! ok fine!
26- 32 you glitter be good to me, i think in pink, grape..set..match, ds temptation, every month is oktober-fest, german-icure, tease-y does it

after super insane february, march looks lighter :)

 33-35  essence miss universe - dior diablotine - depend 227

 36-39   opi mini mariah carey liquid sand:  get your number - can't let go - the impossible - stay the night
40-45 opis: my private jet - glacier bay blues -  austin-tatious turquoise - austin-tatious turquoise - your royal shine-ness - simmer and shimmer

i traveled in april and came across some rimmel and nyx polishes i usually don't have a chance to buy, plus some blog sales equals another insane month.

 46-50 ysl  jade imperial - ysl bleu majorelle -- chanel april - dior delice - dior perfecto
 51-56 rimmel apple berry smoothie - rimmel cutie colada - nyx sea of cortez- nyx mermaids tears- nyx purple ink- zoya jem
 57-60 opi designer series: 04 couture - 26 extravagance - 37 mystery - 38  radiance
61-66 opi take the stage - have you seen my limo?- ink suede - play till midnigt -
 yoga-ta get this blue - i vant to be a lone star

MAY 19

no comment month

 67-72  chanel: provocation, taboo, vendetta; ysl:  mauve naif, violine surrealiste, bronze pyrite
 73-77  dior: samba duo, saint tropez, new world purple, purple mix 
 78-82  opi: at your quebec & call, lincoln park after dark SUEDE, show it &glow it, DS 030 reflection, show must go on MINI
83-85 essie: jamaica me crazy, go overboard; zoya ivanka

to sum this month up, i succumbed to the collective zoya madness that occurred upon arrival of ornate and pixie dust collections to belgrade, opis should've been in the last month post, but i got them couple of weeks ago, i managed to find two ysl that are missing from the shelves in my town, didn't resist getting spring ball and finally got one chanel rarity and two summer collection beauties!

 86-91  ysl: orange afrique, prune minimale; dior: spring ball; chanel: bel argus, azure, intermezzo
 92-95  opi: jinx, solitaire, honey rider, pamplona purple
96-101 zoya ornate: storm, aurora, blaze; pixie dust: beatrix, vespa; irresistible: hazel 

 didn't overbuy this month, but i got quite few polishes as a gift, and there is one zoya that was bough last month, but i got it in july (liberty). the turning point was the arrival of illamasqua, so i had to get something and choose mottle and nomad.! i was lucky enough to win a prize at cayca's giveaway, and i finally got sephora nail design top coat 7 (better known as marryj  topper.) of course, i couldn't resist getting a few zoyas. 
 102-103 illamasqua mottle and nomad

 104-108 essence mr and mrs glitter, gosh ocean, miss sporty metal flip 030 aurora borealis, max factor fantasy fire,  sephora nail design top coat 7
109-112 zoya: envy, chyna, liberty, zuza

picture polish and a england were ordered from a friend way back in april, but just now found their way to me), and collistar was a gift from one amazing polish addict .

 113-115  ysl
 116-118 picture polish peacock-mallard-paradise 
 119-120  a england: bridal veil & princess sabra
121-124  butter london jack the lad, china glaze: flock together toung&chic,  collistar 72 graphite lacca 

can't even explain how the fact that this month i have a new in post, after two months of drought, makes me all fuzzy and happy inside!

it's been two months already since i move to this rather exotic place, and it took me just a couple of days to see that my nail polish shopping days are, if not completely over, than just not what i'm used to. there are no brands that i usually use, i found a couple of chanel and dior counters that have only the core collection, but i can forget about ysl. there is an essie stand, but i'm not an essie fan to begin with.

so, i knew that i'm going to have shopping madness when i went to defend my thesis. the end result is in the first picture, plus the unplanned essence in the second.

then, when i returned, my first order arrived, resulting in beauties in the picture no 2.

 125-129 picture polish: pshiiit, a england: briarwood, dragon; dance legend android; essence the icredible
130-136  dior: mystic magnetic, galaxie; chanel: rouge moire, alchimie, mysterious; ysl vert d'orient; illamasqua facet

my shopping was, as expected, only online, but i managed to get quite a lot of beauties.

137-141 picture polish lagoon -  dance legend cosmic rainbow - a england: rose bower -  fated prince - excalibur revamped


another online purchase to end the year:
 141- 146 dance legend termo shine (with glitter) 182 - picture polish imperial - a england order of the garter & beauty never fails - picture polish serenity -  essie naughty nautical

 in the box are all the empties in my one year of blogging, total of 25 (additional 8 i passed to a couple of friends)!
  1-12 essence: grumpy, trust in fashion, blue addicted, sparkling silver, promberry, miss universe, chic reloaded, breakthrough, life is a freeride, sparkling champagner, caribbean sea, miss sporty red tango