Thursday, 30 April 2020

ysl bleu cyclades (bleus lumiere 2014)

bleu cyclades was a part of ysl's 2014 summer collection bleus lumiere.

one of the best things about bleu cyclades, that is different than dior tuxedo, ysl bleu cobalt and similar, is that it's not too dark. the shade of blue is somewhere between royal blue and navy, but never black. the shimmer is rich and gorgeous.

again, formula is amazing and there is no staining, so, total recommendation.

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Tuesday, 14 April 2020

picture polish paradise (collaboration shade)

paradise is one of the first collaboration shades by picture polish, this one with liquid jelly.

paradise is a very unique and special polish. the base colour is a teal leaning blue, with some duochrome effect as well, as you can see in the shade. add to that various gorgeous purple regular glitter and pink holo glitter, and you have a winner.

also, it doesn't dry gritty, as pictures may suggest. it is hard to capture the true effect, but it is an awesome polish.

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Thursday, 9 April 2020

a england sleeping palace (burne-jones dream)

it's time for my third polish from a england's burne-jones dream and my choice is sleeping palace, since i've already shown briar rose and rose-bower.

sleeping palace is poetically described by a england as "an unnatural twilight has fallen upon the land" - a plum/coppery base hue filled with vivid prismatic life, as though mocking the eternal slumber of the entire castle". not sure if i've ever used "plum" to describe a colour, i am more of the "eggplant" kind of girl, but there it is.

this polish is one of those "looks black from afar", but it is quite obvious that it is not. i love it, it looks so rich and deep with the scattered holo effect that a england does best. formula is flawless.

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Tuesday, 7 April 2020

china glaze turned up turquoise (ink)

in these corona days, i need a mood lifter, so here is  china glaze's turned up turquoise from their ink collection for summer 2008.

i give up on the long mission to capture the exact amount of turquoiseness of this shade, like many more poor souls before me. after all of that suffering, i have not yet hit the spot. i will surely add more attempts here, if and when they become more successful.

while my mint fascination started not so long ago, i have been obsessed with turquoise for a long time now. and this one is vibrant and aqua-like while being neon and matte. i love it like this so much, that even though i own it for years now, i still  haven't been tempted to see how it looks with a top coat.

my experience with neons is not really vast, but i have to say that the formula of this one is not problematic at all. it dries really quickly, which is always a bonus when one is skipping a top coat.

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