1. a england briar rose (burne-jones dream)
  2. a england dragon (the legend)
  3. a england encore margot (ballerina)
  4. a england excalibur revamped (the mythicals)
  5. a england incense burner (rosetti's goddess)
  6. a england jane seymour (tudoresque)
  7. a england moth the fairy (shakespeare's fairies)
  8. a england natasha's dance (russian soul)
  9. a england order of the garter (the legend)
  10. a england puck a fairy (shakespeare's fairies)
  11. a england rose bower (burnes jones dream)
  12. a england saint george (the legend)
  13. a england virgin queen (elizabeth and mary)

  14. butter london all hail the queen (fall 2010)
  15. butter london jack the lad (holiday 2012)

  16. chanel black pearl (spring 2011)
  17. chanel blue rebel (les jeans)
  18. chanel coco blue (les jeans)
  19. chanel malice (holiday)
  20. chanel provocation (fashion night out 2012)
  21. chanel rose confidentiel (fall 2010)
  22. chanel vertigo (les essentials de chanel)

  23. china glaze agro (capitol colours)
  24. china glaze but of corpse (apocalypse of color)
  25. china glaze cranberry splash (holiday joy)
  26. china glaze draped in velvet (we adorn you)
  27. china glaze frostbite (ski)
  28. china glaze glistening snow (holiday joy)
  29. china glaze grape pop (up and away)
  30. china glaze i'm not lion (on safari)
  31. china glaze let's groove (retro diva)
  32. china glaze long kiss (under the mistletoe)
  33. china glaze water you waiting for (cirque du soleil worlds away)

  34. cirque colours lucid dreams (the dreamscape)

  35. dance legend bag of bones (koschei bessmertni) (anna gorelova)
  36. dance legend constant reminder (hammering)
  37. dance legend grey brittain (smoky)
  38. dance legend herbalist (anna gorelova summer 2015)
  39. dance legend lebedushka (anna gorelova)
  40. dance legend melange 276
  41. dance legend melange 278
  42. dance legened nickel (sahara crystal)
  43. dance legend velvet 651
  44. dance legend velvet mini 10

  45. dior exquis (holiday 2011)
  46. dior nirvana (rock your nails)
  47. dior or tsarine (czarina gold) (holiday 2010)
  48. dior spring ball (sparkling shine)
  49. dior tuxedo (blue tie)

  50. essie go overboard (core)
  51. essie jamaica me crazy (dive bar)

  52. fun lacquer cheers to the holidays (h) (christmas 2015)
  53. fun lacquer fashion show (new year 2016)
  54. fun lacquer seductive marmelade (summer 2015)

  55. golden rose jolly jewels 115 (jolly jewels)

  56. illamasqua facet (sacred hour)
  57. illamasqua kink (the theatre of the nameless)
  58. illamasqua mottle (i'mperfection)
  59. illamasqua nomad (human fundamentalism)

  60. kiko lattementa (core 389)

  61. nopi follow me on glitter (kardashian kolors)
  62. nopi listen to you mom-ager (kardashian kolors)
  63. nopi shoot for the maroon (2012)

  64. opi 4 in the morning (gwen stefani)
  65. opi can't let go (mariah carey)
  66. opi check out the old geysirs (iceland)
  67. opi did it on em (nicki minaj)
  68. opi ds radiance (designer series 38)
  69. opi first class desires (gwen stefani holiday 2014)
  70. opi get your number (mariah carey)
  71. opi glacier bay blues (canada)
  72. opi green on the runway (coca cola)
  73. opi honey ryder (bond girls)
  74. opi i have a herring problem (holland)
  75. opi ink suede (suede)
  76. opi i vant to be a lone star (texas)
  77. opi lincoln park after dark (suede)
  78. opi moonraker (skyfall)
  79. opi my private jet (night brights)
  80. opi on her majesty's secret service (skyfall)
  81. opi russian navy matte (suede)
  82. opi teas-y does it (burlesque)
  83. opi the "it" color (mod about brights)
  84. opi tomorrow never dies (skyfall)
  85. opi turn on the northern lights (island)
  86. opi what wizardry is this (oz the great and powerful)
  87. opi you only live twice (skyfall)

  88. picture polish alice (collaboration shade)
  89. picture polish altered state (limited edition)
  90. picture polish big bang (collaboration shade)
  91. picture polish copper field (collaboration shade)
  92. picture polish cozy (collaboration shade)
  93. picture polish free (special edition)
  94. picture polish glitch (opulence)
  95. picture polish jealousy (mesh)
  96. picture polish lime light (neon shades)
  97. picture polish london (collaboration shade)
  98. picture polish mermaid (collaboration shade)
  99. picture polish mossy (collaboration shade)
  100. picture polish nebula (collaboration shade)
  101. picture polish new york (collaboration shade)
  102. picture polish pshiiit (collaboration shade)
  103. picture polish royal (collaboration shade)
  104. picture polish salt water (collaboration shade)
  105. picture polish sizzle (collaboration shade)
  106. picture polish sky (light shades)
  107. picture polish tasha (collaboration shade)
  108. picture polish voodoo (classic shades)

  109. revlon facets of fuchsia (expressionists)

  110. ysl blanc arty (street art)
  111. ysl blanc figuratif (shimmer rush)
  112. ysl blue majorelle (18)
  113. ysl eau de rose (spicy)
  114. ysl fur green (scandal)
  115. ysl kinetic blue (spring look)
  116. ysl mauve alternatif (yconic purple)
  117. ysl peace green (boho stone)
  118. ysl rose luminescent (shimmer rush)
  119. ysl rouge pablo (spring 2014)
  120. ysl studio silver (fall look)
  121. ysl vandal orange(the street and i)
  122. ysl violet underground (yconic purple)

  123. zoya beatrix (pixie dust summer)
  124. zoya blaze (ornate)
  125. zoya chyna (pixie dust winter)
  126. zoya hazel (irresistible)
  127. zoya holly (gem)
  128. zoya jem (mirrors)
  129. zoya lotus (true spring)
  130. zoya saint (enchanted)
  131. zoya storm (ornate)