Monday, 18 December 2017

new in: 2014

after 2013, where i ended up with 146 new polishes, the fact that i accidentally (and just!) stayed under 100, seems like a huge success!


i took advantage of coming to serbia to complete ysl fall collection, and added gifts from my bf  (bronze aztec i bleu cobalt, not in the photo), and in switzerland i finally found  taupe mauresque, making it 6 new  ysl polishes.

cayca got me essence powegirl, as it was sold out here, and jelena was a sweetheart and chased me one of the last opi alkatraz, and added sephora as a gift. thanks, girls!  i had ti add two more zoyas to the collection, plus c china glaze white on white, and a pre-new year a england order arrived.

 1-6 ysl bronze aztec - taupe mauresque - gris underground - beige gallery - sepia 7e art

 7-12 sephora  keep me posted - zoya midori - china glaze white on white  - opi alcatraz rocks - zoya mimi - essence power girl
13-16 a england: sleeping palace- briar rose - fonteyn - encore margot


february started normally, with a little purchase from my choice was picture polish ultra violence and a england lady of the lake and dancing with nureyev.

then, the life became shit. february and march are the worst months of my life. it's so funny, sometimes a single event, just one thing, can destroy your life in such a way that every other good thing that happens, no matter how big or small, becomes stained from this, and every bad thing becomes inflated.  so, this was the reason i wanted to get my paws on all five picture polish limited edition shades. in a way, i made a mission out of it. when i got the place in line and saw they were all out of stock, i felt miserable. but then, as i waited, i managed to snatch three. still, not five, but it was a small victory.

then, the restock happened, and i managed to get remaining two, and also honey dew.

bottom line, even though i am still miserable, these polishes at least distracted me for a bit, and i enjoyed every second of wearing them, so, it was worth chasing them!
17-19 a england lady of the lake - picture polish ultra violence - a england dancing with nureyev
 20-22 picture polish altered state - illusionist - aurora
 23-25 picture polish honey dew - solar flare - gravity

it may seem like i really overdid it in these two months, but it was with a reason :D

i went home for easter, so i had to stock up on ysl and opi, since they are not available to me here. i also had a small picture polish and a england order.

26-31 ysl: rouge pop art - parme grafitti - premiere neige - rose scabiosa - rouge pablo; dior porcelaine

 32-36 opi: baby please come home - warm me up - - 4 in the morning - what wizardry is this
37-40 opi: i just can't copacabana - did it on 'em - fly - amazOn amazOFF

41-43 picture polish darcy - a england avalon - a england ascalon


may was supposed to be much simpler, just with a couple of picture polish, but a few days after my order, there was a restock of polishes i really wanted so i had to splurge. i guess i'll tone it down in june :D

 44-47 picture polish: lizzie - ocean - kryptonite - jealousy

48-53 dance legend: rio #1 - danger danger - high voltage - lebedushka - koschei besmertni - tsarevna lyagushka


i was really nice in june, with 0 new nailpolishes, because i knew i was going to come back with millions of ysls from my business trip.

july started with some friends moving to another country, and i got my first two barry m polishes from them, and they are the magnetic ones! also, i got three new catrices on my all got out of control when me and ysl spicy  collection finally met (but i couldn't find safran sultan :(), together with the summer blues. and i spiced it all up with a single dior and chanel.

 54-58 barry m: neptune sea & moon dust - catrice: keep pool& get the blues & mermaid my day

 59-66 ysl: eau de rose & opulente cannelle & ambre gingembre& poivre noir & feuille d’or & bleu celadon & bleu cyclades
67-68 dior sailor & chanel eastern light

nce again, i had a buy-free month, which was august. then, september came and my travels, which ended in some ysl splurges and some long awaited polishes.

ysl picture was kindly provided by jelena, that also got my opi green on the runway.
 69-72 YSLs

73-75 opi you're so outta lime! - green on the runway - essence black dress and white tie


i had just one purchase in october, when my collection became richer for 3 dance legend and picture polish beauties.

76-83 dance legend: inhale - chumash- tetraodon; picture polish: fool's gold-unicorn-freya's cats 


a huge picture polish order and a visit home where i picked up a few ysls and opis.

 83-91 picture polish: escapades - nebula - dragonfly - cyan -bette -bridget - pandora -honeymoon; dance legend - grey britain
 92-96 opi: muir muir on the wall - my dogsled is a hybrid - first class desires -do you have this color in stock-holm; china glaze: but of courpse
97-99 ysl: fuchsia cubiste - dore orfevre - safran sultan