Wednesday, 24 October 2018

picture polish pshiiit (collaboration shade)

picture polish collaboration shades have that habit of being too gorgeous to be captured faithfully. trust me, pshiiit, the polish created by camille from, is one of those shades.  this is one gorgeous blog, with amazing manicures and pictures.

to call pshiiit beautiful would be an understatement. i wore it three times, and my camera refuses to pick up the gorgeous green nature of this chameleon, so you can see just one aspect of it.

the base color is a highly saturated turquoise jelly duochrome (looks greener in the bottle), with green shimmer and flakes. it's vibrant, eye-catching (i went clubbing with it, and when i saw official photos from the event, my nails really stand out :D) and simply gorgeous, pictures don't do it justice.


Sunday, 21 October 2018

opi my private jet (night brights)

opi's my private jet is one of their most famous, and most controversial polishes. it originally appeared in 2007 collection night brights, but apparently there are three versions out there.

the original was more black and of a linear holo type, and mine is brown, with fine holographic shimmer. i like both versions, but i am not really happy that this one needs three coats for full coverage. even this is not enough sometimes, as you can see some bald spots on my middle finger.

nevertheless, i do like it, not only because of its notoriety.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

china glaze water you waiting for (cirque du soleil worlds away)

cirque du soleil worlds away was a really awesome china glaze collection, and one of the polishes i got is water you waiting for.

water you waiting for is a gorgeous, glittery bomb of blue jelly base and blue and green glitter.

if it reminds you of nicole by opi kendall on the catwalk, let me say, they are very, very close to being dupes. the glitter in nopi is slightly denser, and that's about it.

nevertheless, it is a great and fun polish, with a decent formula, opaque after two coats, and dries into sort of texture.

natural light:

Sunday, 14 October 2018

franken polish time for heroes by shine eye

 the first of my franken nailpolishes, is this one, time for heroes!

whenever i make a new polish, there is the fun time of naming it. as i decided to go with a music theme, so the first one will be named after the libertines song time for heroes, since one of the highlights of my life was seeing this very important band for me a couple of months before making the polish.

time for heroes' main theme is my favourite colour, olive green. not too dark, and filled with shimmer. who knows which polishes had to die in order for it to arise, but it's all for the best.

natural light:

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

a england order of the garter (the legend)

poor order of the garter, it is the only polish in the a england's the legend collection that's not holo, so it get's overlooked! i have to add their description, because it is always so poetic: "majestically deep and filled with truth's purity & strength of will, this royal blue inspires honour with every scintillating pulse."

order of the garter was being on and off my wishlist for so long that i decided to take it, just to get over with it. it is inspired by the english highest order of chivalry and the color of it's sash.

it is a beautiful medium blue, with small  lighter blue glass flecks. the first coat was a bit sheer, but the opacity was built up nicely after the second. it has everything you expect from an a england polish: a great brush and good formula.

natural light: