Wednesday, 20 December 2017

new in: 2016

2016 was modest, not just in polish addict sense, but in any sense. i got only 24 polishes, but they are all awesome.


since my first hypnotic polish experience was good, i decided to treat myself with a new year order. i picked up new a england, whispering waves, and got crazy over f.u.n. lacquers, buying desires (h), moonlight nocturne, cheers to the holidays, seductive marmalade, glitzy glam and  fashion show.

1-7 a england  whispering waves -  f.u.n. lacquer desires (h)- moonlight nocturne- cheers to the holidays-seductive marmalade- glitzy glam - fashion show


i went abroad and took two new diors, bleuete and garden and the new ysl, love pink.

i also tracked down two old ysl polishes, orange fusion and fuchsia neoclassic. still missing 8, but they seem like mission impossible at this point :((

8-12 dior: bleuete  - garden ysl love pink - orange fusion - fuchsia neoclassic


i behaved awesomely, with 4 months without purchases. of course, new ysl collection had to be added (night escape and savage pink). in addition, i got picture polish shades that i wanted for a while (big bang, winter, salt water and sun flower)

then, the new a england collection, russian soul, appeared and i had to have them all. so, here they are, waltz of the flowers, polovetsian dances, natasha's dance, katyusha and kalinka. also, bow polish thermo top coat was finally back in stock, so i had to snatch it.

 13-18 ysl night escape and savage pink - picture polish big bang- winter- salt water - sun flower

19-24 a england waltz of the flowers - polovetsian dances - natasha's dance -katyusha -kalinka- bow polish thermo top coat