Tuesday, 1 December 2020

zoya aurora (ornate)

 i still remember 2012, when zoya released ornate collection. i was obsessed! i've  shown storm and blaze so far, and today it's time for what was probably the star of this collection, aurora.

as always, zoya people were quite wordy with their description : " aurora is a medium sugarplum purple flecked with a high concentration of micro fine diamond holographic glitter. the rainbow holographic sparkle turns this plum purple into something truly captivating". 

this holo beauty is a truly perfect medium purple, with scattered holo particles. it is gorgeous indoors and outdoors, and even 8 years later, still hasn't lost its spark.

natural light: 

Saturday, 21 November 2020

a england gloriana (elizabeth & mary)

after virgin queen, it is about time i've shown another polish from a england's elizabeth and mary collection from back in 2015, and my choice is gloriana.

gloriana is a burnt orange or amber shade loaded with gold foil flecks. it looks so rich, and i can see it not being everyone's cup of tea, but i find it really wearable during autumn and winter.

the formula is great, it is almost a one coater, really nothing to complain about.

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Wednesday, 11 November 2020

china glaze tounge & chic (autumn nights)

tounge & chic belongs to a 2013 china glaze collections, autumn nights.

when i initially bought tounge & chic, i couldn't get enough of it.  i almost missed out on it, because i thought i'm really overdoing it with these sorts of shades, but it surely is unique. then i kind of forgot about it, but that is about to change.

it's such a rich shade, dark, cool teal with metallic shimmer, definitely a stunner, since it never got unnoticed when i had it on my nails. for me, the only problem is that it is slightly thick, one of those almost one-coaters, and because of that (and the fact that i generally don't like cg's narrow brush), i could never really apply it perfectly, but that's a small price to pay for gorgeousness!

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Wednesday, 4 November 2020

picture polish cyan (collaboration shade)

it's time for another super oldie. it is another picture polish collaboration shade called cyan.

i guess that by now everyone in the polish universe is familiar with picture polish's concept to collaborate with bloggers and create some truly unique polishes. my choice for today, cyan, was created with the help of the chit chat nails blog back in 2014.

the colour is so gorgeous and fresh. it is is a light blue/turquoise highly pigmented jelly, with scattered holo particles. the base colour is just slightly lighter than for fool's gold. i am simply in love with it.

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Monday, 2 November 2020

opi your royal shine-ness (serena glam slam england)

 it's again time for an oldie, your royal shine-ness from way back in the summer of 2011, when opi's serena glam slam england collection was released.

i acquired a fair share of silver foils. ok, i have three currently, and it might be too much, but one of them is zoya trixie, that was my first and it's a pretty little thing, the other is my newest addition, chanel intemporel. so, opi is definitely the unnecessary one, but i can't get rid of it because of the name.

it is a medium to dark silver foil with really good formula and zero brushstrokes. definitely not the most unique polish, but if you don't have anything similar, this one is an excellent choice.

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Saturday, 24 October 2020

chanel azure (l’eté papillon de chanel)

i guess it can be said that blues from chanel's summer collection l’eté papillon de chanel, bel argus and azure, were THE most talked about polishes of 2013. after bel argus, the star of today's post is azure.

we all know by now that i'm a huge fan of blues in all the shades and finishes possible. i loved this duo ever since i saw the promo pictures and knew i could buy them blindly, but somehow thought that, after piling up one blue polish after another, they will not leave me breathless. boy, how was i wrong!

azure is a turquoise duochrome perfection, a true peacock shade. it screams summer, beach and waves. duochrome effect isn't insanely strong, but just enough for me to keep glancing at my nails at different angles. since it is metallic, there are some brushstrokes, but nothing too bad.

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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

dior galaxie (mystic metallics)

dior's 2013 autumn collection consisted out of two "mystic metallics" polishes, destin (not my cup of tea) and today's star, galaxie; together with their first attempt at magnetic polishes, mystic magnetic.

galaxie is the perfect polish for cold, winter days that are quickly approaching. it reminds me of cosy winter nights, spent indoors with friends,  mulled wine and smoke. ah, i miss the days of indoor gatherings.!

the colour is so rich, burgundy-ish plum, with gorgeous dense shimmer that makes the polish borderline metallic. application, consistency and brush are just as i like it, so nothing to complain about there.

Thursday, 10 September 2020

china glaze stone cold (capitol colors)

it's time for some stone cold classics, so today i am showing china glaze's stone cold from the capitol colors collection for the spring 2012.

capitol colors was intended to be a spring collection, but i somehow picked up the more autumn looking shades (see gorgeous agro). it may be weird, but i see this polish as super elegant. i wore it to a couple of weddings, actually. maybe it's because of the matte finish, maybe because i see all shades of grey as elegant, even when they are asphalt-like.

the formula got a bit thicker over the years, as it happens with matte shades, so it is a one coater. 

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Saturday, 5 September 2020

a england jane eyre (gothic beauties)

we are going back to 2012, where a england released gothic beauties collection, with jane eyre as one of six.

my disappointment with this collection has not been a secret. the promise of black base infused with amazing shimmer is not translated well in the reality, as the shimmer gets drowned. i got jane eyre on a blog sale, so i use it when i want plain black polish, or as a base for toppers.

it is advertised as "intensely smouldering crimson embers, imprisoned in a veil of sombre black". as you can see, the red shimmer gets buried in the base, but the base colour itself is very pretty, and formula great. when you look at it as a slightly spiked black polish, it works perfectly.

Monday, 31 August 2020

picture polish fresh (collaboration)

well well, we are approaching the end of summer (if  we can even call it summer in 2020), so i had to go with something.. fresh! so here it is, picture polish collaboration shade fresh, from 2018.

god, this polish is pretty. it is a bright lime green, not super blinding, but just the right amount of neon. 

there are some holographic flakies visible in the bottle, but are definitely drowned on nails. if nothing, they are helping the formula, because it is flowing nicely, like it's not a neon, crelly polish.

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