Tuesday, 19 December 2017

new in: 2015

after 146 new polishes in 2013 and 99 in 2014, 55 new polishes in 2015 feel like nothing!


january was  modest, with a couple of ysls.

1-2 ysl: violet baroque - rouge dada


my february was fun, because i had an llarowe.com splurge, due to the new a england collection, plus a couple of dance legends and picture polish chillax finally being restocked.

3-13 dance legend: sirin - wood goblin - arovana - learning to fly - no 278 - picture polish: chillax - a england: gloriana - queen of scots - virgin queen - fotheringhay castle - crown of thistles


i spent almost two  months abroad, hence a mini ysl new in, plus my first chanel in a while, and using a trip to italy to get two locals: kiko and layla.

14-20 ysl; nuit noire - nuit blanche - beige leger - rose abstrait - chanel intemporel - kiko lattementa - layla emerald divine


i had a simple, no buy april.

in may, i took advantage of my visit to france to get some of the polishes that are here unavailable to me. i bought the summer ysl duo, jaune babouche and brun henne, and the oldie taupe retro. i also got chanel mediterranee and dior sunwashed.

21-25 ysl: jaune babouche -brun henne -taupe retro- chanel mediterranee - dior sunwashed

i recently also received my llarowe order, with some dance legends on sale (i chose no 50 from the nickel collection and 648 from velvet), and finally, picture polish citrus came back in stock.

26-28 dance legend no 50  nickel - 648  velvet -  picture polish citrus 


this month was modest . i took advantage (again) of a llarowe.com sale, and bought two a englands (incense burner and proserpine) and two picture polish (sizzle and nemesis)

29-32 a england incense burner and proserpine - picture polish sizzle and nemesis


after a no-buy july, i had two purchases in august.

i started with a regular llarowe order, taking advantage of some discounts.

33- 38 picture polish autumn ; dance legend: steel panther -constant reminder-through the glass-melange 276- velvet 650.

later in august, llarowe website closed (and broke my heart along the way), so i got three polishes in the clearance sale.

39-41 picture polish magic - dance legend velvet 651 -anna gorelova 27 herbalist


after impressive two months without purchases, i used my trip to europe in november to get some newbies, chanel rose fusion and dior be dior. i also found two ysl polishes i didn't have, coral divin and rose renaissance.

42-45 chanel rose fusion - dior be dior - ysl  coral divin and rose renaissance.


in december i had my first hypnotic polish order, where i got  all the polishes from a england to emily bronte collection (wuthering heights, spirit of the moors, let me in, heathcliff and cathy). i also picked up some dance legend beauties (dreams, and three polishes from the velvet mini collection, 6, 7 and 10). also, my first f.u.n. lacquer, green foliage, found its way to me.

46-55 a england  wuthering heights -  spirit of the moors - let me in - heathcliff and cathy - dance legend dreams - velvet mini 6, 7 and 10 -  f.u.n. lacquer green foliage