Tuesday, 26 November 2019

ysl mauve naif (core)

it's time for another ysl beauty, this time i'm showing 16 mauve naif.

it's far from secret that i'm obsessing with ysl polishes, and mauve naif was on top of my wish list from the beginning.

it's not the most unique shade in the world, but it's unique in my collection. i like my creme purples, but i didn't have any in the darker purple family. this one is gorgeous, purple with a strong blue undertone (in my pictures, the blue is just a little bit stronger than in real life). formula is fantastic, as expected, so easy to apply with a perfect brush and with amazing gloss on its own.

natural light:

Monday, 18 November 2019

chanel rouge noir

how many nailpolishes do you know that have their own wikipedia page? chanel's rouge noir is definitely the one of the most famous polishes in the world.

rouge noir, or vamp as it is known in the usa, first saw the light back in 1994. as those dark shades were not made back then, rouge noir became instantly successful, and chanel's best selling cosmetics product of that era. it is probably most famous for being on uma thurman nails on the pulp fiction poster. it earned 1 million $ in its first year!

it got revamped (pun, embarrassingly, intended) in 2015, which is when i got it. chanel made an entire make up line around it, with the tagline: "style tool accessible to all women. neither classic nor gothic, neither rock nor chic, or rather all of these rolled into one, rouge noir shakes up codes, discreetly distilling its dark and languid beauty. it  galvanizes all styles. better yet, it injects them with a new power."

its popularity is obvious, it is stunning, blackened red crelly. i am sure majority of women have a version of this polish in their collection.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

dance legend through the glass (wow prism)

if there ever was a collection that could be called perfect (for me), it's dance legend's wow prism. after steel panther, i am showing through the glass.

like it the case of steel panther, this is a well pigmented jelly base with chunky holo shimmer that leaves a glittery impression, while being actually really smooth.

through the glass is a turquoise leaning blue, with awesome formula. it is just so awesome!

natural light:

Monday, 4 November 2019

zoya trixie (extreme)

sometimes, the day comes when a girl needs some bling on her nails, so for today, i chose zoya's trixie from the extreme collection back in 2010 (together with raven and purity).

zoya describes this polish as a "stunning light silver with a sparkling metallic foil finish. a chic and edgy shade that adds a spark to your look". i couldn't agree more! the polish is amazing, very dense with a metallic, mirror-like sparkly finish. it applies without streaks, but with a bit of a textured finish and it is very opaque.

natural light: