Tuesday, 21 May 2019

chanel rose confidentiel (fall 2010)

at the first look, rose confidentiel is a not my typical colour. i've been looking for something similar for a while, with china glaze's fifth avenue as my first pick, but it was always out of stock when i looked for it. it is an ancient chanel polish from fall 2010 collection.

ages ago, when i fell in love with rose confidentiel and mentioned that it was on my wishlist on one serbian forum for polish addicts, one wonderful girl told me she has a bottle she never uses, and she gave it to me! many thanks, once again!

it was a part of chanel's autumn collection in 2010, together with rose cache and rouge fatal. it is amazing nude rose-beige pink creme with some brown undertones, or, as i like to call it, dusty pink. unfortunately, i am under impression that it changed a bit over the years, with the pink part diminishing on behalf of the brown tones.

formula also suffered and became slightly watery. nevertheless, i still love it!

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Friday, 17 May 2019

ysl rose luminescent (shimmer rush)

after blanc figuratif, i am showing the second polish from ysl spring 2019 collection shimmer rush called rose luminescent.

first, a disclaimer: i was totally unaware that rose luminescent is supposed to be worn as a topper. oops. i mean, it makes sense, it is a jelly-like, sheer pink base with iridescent, gold-ish glass flecks. 

i didn't let the potential sheerness to sway me away from wearing it solo, so that is what i did. i will definitely wear it as a topper at some point, but i think it works this way as well.
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Tuesday, 14 May 2019

cirque colors lucid dreams (the dreamscape)

i only made a couple of purchases this year, but when i saw lucid dream from cirque color the dreamscape collection, i knew it had to be mine.

i love polishes with iridescent shimmer. add to it a ocean blue type of shade, and i am sold (or, the polish is sold to me). 

this entire collection is a dream, and i might pick up one or two more. they are all of a similar, if not the same, type, to quote cirque people: "shimmer polishes are packed with glimmering pigments which give them a unique multidimensional finish", and they really look spectacular. 

lucid dream itself is described as "vivid green-blue nail polish with deep violet shimmer and delicate holographic sparkle". it is a chameleon, which is why i apologize for the number of photos.

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Thursday, 9 May 2019

china glaze grape pop (up and away)

it's time for an oldie today, and it is china glaze grape pop, from their up & away collection from spring 2010.

as i look at the polishes from this collection, i see that it was a really successful one, with so many of them making it into the core line, such a classic spring line.

grape pop is a real beauty. i love purple cremes, and this one is among the prettiest there are. it has a slight blue undertone, but never going into the blurple area. it is really tricky to capture it faithfully, it got too blurplish in my photos. it is well pigmented, and my only complaint is, as usual, china glaze's brush, but it's just my taste.

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