Thursday, 31 May 2018

new in and empties: 2018

overall, 2018 was a reasonable year, with 28 new polishes (13 picture polish + 6 ysl + 3 a england +2 opi + 1 cirque, flormar, catrice and wetn'n'wild), and 13 empty bottles!

my first new polishes of 2018 arrived in february as a gift  from a friend:
1-3 flormar speed limit - catrice mermayday mayday- wet n wild heatwave
there was a sale, so i couldn't say no to these two stunners
4-5 opi turn on the northern lights and  check out the old geysirs

of course, i needed two ysl newest additions.
6-7 ysl op art coral - kinetic blue

summer saw me getting two newest yls polishes, fake tan that i wanted for a while, and i picked this trio from a england's shaespeare's faries collection.
8-10 a england moth a fairy- puck a fairy - oberon
11-13 ysl gris grafitti - picture polish fake tan - ysl vandal orange
the end of month saw me splurging a little bit, with two new ysls and a huge picture polish haul.
14-19 picture polish dandelion - cozy - camo - haven - tasha - london
20-21 ysl violet underground - mauve alternatiff

my last purchase was a bit of black friday insanity!
22-27 picture polish fresh - jewel-wizardry-wine-sage-royal
28 cirque lucid dream

at the beginning of may, i already had 10 empty bottles!

there were three more addition, with 13 empty bottles in 2018.

barry m moon dust - essence mr big - barry m neptune sea