Sunday, 6 May 2018

essence prince charming (snow white)

 i am a sucker for a well chosen nail polish name, and i admit to being susceptible to propaganda. that's why i had to try really hard not to buy everything from essence snow white limited edition back in 2012. and i actually never liked that particular fairy tale (i would probably surrender to this urge if it was little mermaid or sleeping beauty :D). i decided to buy only the ones i really liked (grumpy and two toppers, huntsman and prince charming, but i had to have evil queen also, ) even the stand was so adorable! after showing huntsman, the spotlight goes to prince charming.

prince charming applies easily and it's not too thick, which is a problem i come across quite often with the glitter toppers. it has hexagonal blue glitter suspended in clear base together with silver and holo glitter.

essence prince charming over china glaze white on white