Monday, 4 June 2018

catrice mermayday mayday (iconails 13)

it's been a while since i picked up a bottle of catrice nail polish. they were my go-to drugstore brand, until they ruined their brush and i stopped even looking at their counter. i got mermaiday mayday from their iconails collection as a gift.

if the polishes of the iconails collection are of the similar quality as this one, than catrice definitely goes back to my good graces. mermaiday mayday is a nice shade of muted teal, but one of those impossible to capture perfectly, as its appearance also changes with the light and weather and so on.

formula is smooth and selfleveling, and quite shiny. if i wasn't so used to my fast drying top coat, it could've been easily skipped.

i am showing quite a few photos, because it really changes with the lighting.

i used base (china glaze strong adhesion) + three layers of polish + top coat (essence better than gel nails top sealer BTGNTS).