Tuesday, 21 November 2017

illamasqua nomad (human fundamentalism)

it is about time i showed illamasqua's nomad from their 2012. human fundamentalism collection.

llamasqua is known for their bold collections and advertisement. unfortunately, they became available to me as i was leaving my previous country, so i didn't really get the chance to explore them too much. nevertheless, nomad was my first choice since it really was an unique shade in my collection.

to me, this polish is completely illogical. the shade is a tad too green to be really mint. they describe it as "bright jade" and i have to agree. it is a creme, but somehow pastel and glossy at the same. i'm sure there are dupes (picture polish jade looks similar enough to me), but i'm kind of hooked on this one. also, it is waaay more vivid than in the promo picture.

natural light:

 i used base (china glaze strong adhesion) + two layers of polish + top coat (essence btgnts).