Sunday, 12 November 2017

china glaze but of corpse (apocalypse of color)

it seems like forever since i bought a china glaze polish, but from the first available picture, i knew that but of corpse has to be a part of my collection. this gem is from this year's haloween collection, apocalypse of color.

i've never seen anything quite like this polish. the base colour is light green, with gold shimmer and black, grain-like glitter. it has a textured, matte finish that fits so well that i didn't even want to try to add a top coat. it even dries surprisingly fastly.

the formula is a bit difficult, since it is slightly thicker than your usual polish, but it's not that hard to work with. i am so obsessed with it, that i will probably buy it's reddish counterpart, i love your guts. i just love those naimes!

natural light:


i used a base coat (china glaze strong adhesion) and two layers of polish