Friday, 10 November 2017

a england saint george (the legend)

the first a england polish i ever saw was dragon, and i thought it was the prettiest polish i've ever seen. when i started looking at the swatches of the other a england polishes, i was blown away! when  i decided to finally get my hands on those, of course that  the gorgeous saint george from the legend collection was the first pick and it is, without a doubt, my favorite polish ever.

the legend collection, top row: order of the garter, dragon, bridal veil, ascalon; bottom row: princess tears, princess sabra, saint george.

a england's description of saint george is so poetic:"bearer of a valiant & courageous heart, this fathomless teal reveals the strength of the brave knight's convictions with his gleaming, fiery core."

i don't even know if words can explain the perfection that is saint george. the color is my favorite deep teal green with scattered holographic effect, with blue, green and gold sparkles. even in shade, the polish looks gorgeous. formula is beyond amazing, it is a one coater (i went with two for the purpose of  taking photos) and self-leveling. i read that fellow bloggers praise a england's formula, so i see that i'll be getting more!

natural light: 

used base (opi start to finish) + two layers of polish + top coat (essence better than gel nails top sealer BTGNTS).