Wednesday, 20 May 2020

picture polish illusionist (limited edition)

gorgeous illusionist comes from picture polish limited edition collection that was such a huge hit back in the day (the day being 2014 :)) i own this entire collection (altered state already starred), and i really have to wear them more often, instead of saving them!

ok, to say that i'm in love would be an understatement. i wore this combo for three days, and this last happened.... well, i have no idea when! i have only one problem with it: it is seriously distracting. i would catch myself sitting at work, just looking at my nails!

 the dominant colors are teal green and purple, but with hints of blue, red and pink in certain angles. again, i'm wearing one coat over dance legend melange 276it is glittery, it is shimmery, it is multichrome, it has scattering holo particles. simply put, it's pure magic, a galaxy type of polish at it's finest. the pictures look best taken in shade, so that the multichrome effect is at its best.

natural light:


i used base (china glaze strong adhesion) + one layer of dance legend melange 276) + one layer of pp illusionist  + top coat (essence better than gel nails top sealer BTGNTS).