Tuesday, 27 August 2019

china glaze passion in the pacific (fiji fling)

what a blast from the past! i am showing today the evergreen that is passion in the pacific from china glaze's fiji fling collection, back from 2006 (gasp!)

passion in the pacific is one of those polishes that you can never capture just right. and it looks different when you look at it from another angle or lighting. it is teal? is it green or aquamarine? is it neon or shimmer or frost? who knows! bottom line is, it is summer!

since it is an ancient polish, the formula is runny and it needs three coats to be fully opaque, but still brush strokey. i forgive it all, because i just love this weirdo.

natural light:

i wore base coat (china glaze strong adhesion) + two coats of polish  + top coat (essence btgnts)