Tuesday, 21 May 2019

chanel rose confidentiel (fall 2010)

at the first look, rose confidentiel is a not my typical colour. i've been looking for something similar for a while, with china glaze's fifth avenue as my first pick, but it was always out of stock when i looked for it. it is an ancient chanel polish from fall 2010 collection.

ages ago, when i fell in love with rose confidentiel and mentioned that it was on my wishlist on one serbian forum for polish addicts, one wonderful girl told me she has a bottle she never uses, and she gave it to me! many thanks, once again!

it was a part of chanel's autumn collection in 2010, together with rose cache and rouge fatal. it is amazing nude rose-beige pink creme with some brown undertones, or, as i like to call it, dusty pink. unfortunately, i am under impression that it changed a bit over the years, with the pink part diminishing on behalf of the brown tones.

formula also suffered and became slightly watery. nevertheless, i still love it!

natural light:


i used base (opi start to finish) + three layers of polish + top coat (essence better than gel nails top sealer BTGNTS)